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“Dream no small dreams for they have no capacity to inspire or change the world”

This  Site is About the problems that require Political Reform of Our National Government

This site & the New Social Contract.Org   sites are connected in..

"Working to Make a Better Government and Country"

The demand for change by the legion of people following President Obama was a felt need by citizens of all political parties.  It is unfortunate that the philosophy and specific changes envisioned were not spelled out. We can all agree that we are in an economic crisis of great magnitude but Congress, despite the many quality individuals we elect to Congress, seems to be as corrupt as the financial types they dragoon before their committees.  Presidents can to some measure can set national agendas only a Congress working for the good of the country can enact an agenda.  As a body we lack a Congress that can act for the good of the country . Equally important is our popular democracy tendency which leads us to frequently elect superficially appealing presidents like Carter and Obama who are inept or lack experience required to make hard decisions..

Despite our troubles we still live in a great country. (more)

These are perilous  times in the U.S.  We face...

    -terrible downfall of the economy and our savings...
    -the impact of globalization and the economy on jobs and employment...
    -the feeling of disunity that uncontrolled immigration brings...
    -the winding down of  wars in Iraq and another in Afghanistan...
    -an international environment that expects the U.S. to solve security problems that more         properly belong to the U N --- resulting in hatred for us for trying...
    -the continued egregious corruption and inappropriate earmark actions of Congress...   
    -the disintegration of our  national press.
    -"Occupy Wall Street" protests in our large cities that has not yet found leaders to                    articulate answers to the problems that beset those without jobs and those who are                 unhappy with government and extravagant compensation to some corporate titans that        seem unworthy.

  These feelings have resulted in demand for change by and in the National Government -- but we suffer without a concept and philosophy of the changes needed. Worse, our votes for Congress are squandered and we don't know how to make our government more responsive. We have grandiose spending with untrammeled earmarks that continue the corruption of special interests combined with major revamps of  education, unions and healthcrare without regard to the additional explosion of national debt. All these increase the fears we all share for our nation and our future.

                    The Question is "What Changes are needed?" We can we do better but how can each of us play a more effective big or small part.  How?

This Effort ...

  New Social Contract (NSC)  is about describing the problems we face. The sister site of Coalition of the U.S. Political Center is about how to go about renovating or reestablishing the original the intent of the Social Contract established by our Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. We will do that by bringing together a  political center common effort supported by the individual efforts of each of us as well as our friends who see how badly change is needed and why renewal in our Federal government and the major political Parties that drive it.  We can do better in presidential elections than being forced to make a choice between the least objectionable candidate of the two major political parties. We can do better than being forced to send the same corrupted candidates to Congress with the justification that power in Congress belongs to longevity and special interests not to those honest individuals who will do what is best for our country.

This is not just one crisis of the economy...

    Our situation is  but the accumulation of several organizational illnesses that have accumulated over time.  Our young republic is young no more.  In organizational terms we have moved into old age; the organizational schemes that the founding framers of the Constitution designed for maintaining vitality of the republic have failed us; in some cases the changes in our Constitution have devolved into a direct democracy which the framers of the Constitution tried to avoid for they knew the dangers of moneyed groups controlling the tools of the press and ultimately the possible choices of the  public. Now narrow, non-democratic, moneyed special interests,  drive Congressional agendas at the expense of the public. We can change that.  Real Reform is possible.

The Question is "What Changes are needed?" We can we do better but how can each of us play a more effective big or small part.  How?

There are many proposals for the following Problems and they will be covered in other pages.  Some are:

Problem 1.  Getting better representatives in Congress and the Senate

Problem 2.   Getting better presidents and vice presidents.

Problem 3.  Devising ways to get  Unions and Corporate leadership working for         the fair betterment of all interested parties. Improved concept of "stakeholders"

Problem 4.  Revising expensive failing programs like the Drug War

Problem 5.  Revising and enhancing the Federal Departmental Structure based on      Effectiveness measures, i.e Education, Energy, Homeland Security.

Problem 6.  Attacking lack of jobs and U.S. manufacturing problems.

Problem 7.  Developing some national standards for Compensation in public                  companies. Respond to Occupy Wall Street concerns. Reconsidering public companies Codes of Conduct.

Problem 8.   Finding a better balance between spending and taxing. Improving            the economy.

Problem 9.  Developing a better balance on immigration, the need for high and low      expertise  workers.

Problem 10.  Considering/developing  improvements in entitlement programs.  List . Budget .

Problem 11.  Improve the functioning of the National Security Council. Improve       our national Strategy making apparatus and develop more rational strategies and use of military force.

--Consider Specific strategies on China Turkey, Middle East Israel/Palestine, Iran, Piracy/Sudan

Problem 12. Improving tort law that seriously affects several national programs.

  --Consider:  Health Care,...

Problem 13. Develop nationa problems solving approach that establishes uses Republican, Democrat, Libetarian (multi-party) Commissions that mandate solutions when the Congress and President are ineffective in solving national problems --Consider methods for establishing a National referendum to to establish this process.
Problem 14.  Establish an one time Environment and Energy commission to plan a Strategy to make  us more energy independent.

Problem 15.  Establish a Cost benefit commission to evaluate failing programs.

Problem 16.   Education  

--Consider Colleges, Schools, Commercial and immigration


Still A Great Country

    Our States and Communities still function despite the corruption in Congress and the faults of the two major parties. The local state media still keep us apprised of the faults as well as the strengths of individual office holders.  The local press address issues and answers of importance. More importantly we still feel like our votes count in most States and Communities. Whether our votes count is a different matter at the federal level. Concerns about corrupt expansion of centralized power is not new to the U.S. but it is time for our country to make another great effort to live our promise more fully.

Liberals, Progressives, Populists, Conservatives

    You can play a part by just talking about this site on sites you already use or work.   

What must be done in issues,  about Congress, and Presidential Selection

    The difficult part or changing many of our current problems is that Congress and the major political Parties have become corrupted by money and the ability of that money to manipulate the media.  The essential question is how do we change this and get a more meritorious Congress, Presidential Candidates, and media. It is not a small task but with dedicated individuals it can be done. The fundamental conception of this effort is a democratic effort of small steps by a very large cast of volunteers that will become an Issuepedia that will help point the way.

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