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You Are Not Alone in Disatisfaction with the Federal Government

    Talk to your friends..   Better yet, look at some of the these sites on the net .   Go to any of the resources page.   

You Are Not Alone in Dissatisfaction with Major Parties

     Consider the  serious problems with our political two-party system,  Consider also the serious malfunctioning of Congress,  the Congress and the presidential election system. NSC is designed to build cooperation within the many competing efforts already striving to correct these problems.  Central to the success of this effort is engaging a large number of citizens who care enough to act so that the combination of many disparate efforts overcome the special interests that resist change. 

There is a Clear, Actionable, Non-Violent Method to Force Change in Our Government

    It is not necessary in our system to actually build a separate organization or party to institute changes in the federal system. It is not absolutely necessary to force a Constitutional Convention but the possibility of a Constitutional Convention is the threat and possible action which makes change possible.  It is however only necessary to gather enough citizen voices and votes to convince those special interests currently in power that change is required.  It must be  clear that this effort  is a social  movement not a new party for a new party requires a detailed agenda that would set our effort against our supporters.  The agenda of NSC is more broad than a party agenda. See the Brain for a more detailed layout of the effort. (Write me if you can flesh out "The Brain".

The Broad Agenda of New Social Contract is to Make Significant Change Possible in a Deadlocked and Debilitated Political system. 

    The idea of a Constitutional convention scares many pundits. Despite that fear, to establish a significant social change movement the umbrella must be large enough to shelter many different reform approaches. Since  this community requires individua specific Constitutional amendments. NSC must strive for a Constitutional Convention where various amendments may be considered.  Done properly restrictions can be made to contain the fears of a Constitution Convention. Congress has shown an inability to solve any structural Consititutional problems much less launch effective Constitutional amendments. A History of Constitutional amendments reveals the problems.The results of crisis driven Constitutional amendments has not been a good one.  Better the full preparation for a carefully considered convention.

The Agenda

    New Social Contract is designed a a focal point for coordinating the creation of:

    - a third political force of Centrists from moderates of the left and right who can make the current parties responsive to public needs and issues. 

    - an on-line Wiki that is essentially a  Collection and Classification of on-line issues and sites representing the most important problems that face our cournty.  The ultimate use of the on line wiki is designed to support a citizen's assembly with a fair representation of the pros and cons of major issues.

   - sortition to select citizen's assemblies conducted regularly each year with the wiki base above a transparent effort to show the date presented to the assembly for decisions on issues.  

   -  demand for the press to examine of the issues and the results of the assemblies so as to embarass Congress into fair and transparent decisions on the major issues.

  - sortition selected national search committee to establish standards and to elevate to public view better Presidential Candidates who have philisophy, character and experience for the office.

     Pessimism and Denigration of our Country is Not the Way.

    Despite the pessimism that engulfs us, with  the exception of  the Federal Government, our country in terms of the states, counties and communities is doing well.  Yes the economy is down but it will recover and with a better federal government some of the international trade and economic issues that bedevil us we will be resolved.

    We are you, a selective expanding group of people and organizations who have shown an intent  to change a corrupted political system. The purpose is to to make life more meaningful by organizing the arguments  so that, when aggregated, all of us may have a trusted source from which to better understand and make the required reform to the federal system come about.

Select a question, or problem, to research today, and start or work your current web site or weblog. Be a player and make a difference!



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