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The Question is Whether You Want to Add your Bit to Improving Your World.

Put some more meaning into your life!

1.  You can do it with your current on-line activities, in social networks, blogging or writing about one of the issues that bugs you most.

2.  PICK an issue, ANY issue, from Issues, and present or collect issue papers approach on your web page or a Wiki you set up. Send us a reference to your site and we'll put it up on this site or on Issuewiki.us when it is up and running. Or, give us other issues; or, tell us about a web page that addresses issues we should cite in issue areas. Watch for new issues on Yahoo "political issues", a major listing of U.S. issues.

For a format go to Writing Position Papers or google "Issue Paper", "Style Guide" or "Position Paper.  Rembember that the ultimate purpose is to use the information you write or collect to inform a representative group of the U.S. to make a decision in a citizens's assembly about an issue of great importance. You may decide that a different style better addresses the issue.  Ultimately however, to cap your effort, you must shrink the arguments and decision down to one of two pages that an average citizen can read and understand but the research must underlie the "shrink".

Develop an Issue of Importance to you Every issue should have at least three major approaches Liberal-Progressive, Conservative and Compromise-middle

3.  Talk about issuewiki.us on your own blog or start your own new blog, that lets you tell people about your issue every day. Send us a message and we'll reference it by Subject or issue. Don't have a blog t is free and it is easy - 15 minutes at blogger.com will get you started.

4. Don't have a buring issue? Develop one of the issue questions from Issue Sources. As discussed in Issues work to find the question that helps unlock a more acceptable compromise or middle road issue.  

5. Work the public on an outreach site.  You pick the site that is of interest to you.  Explain what we are doing here and bring in more members.  Look for people who have a point of view and help give them a chance to work their issue on Issuewiki.us.

6.  Inform your friends on someone elses blog that touches an issue of importance. Seek your topic out on blogsearch.

7.  Work up a video for You Tube

8.  Build up your friends with some interesting issues on Facebook.

9.  Build a video game around a citizens assembly situation

 10. In Second Life? Carry out a scenario involving a Citizens Assembly on your burning issue.


RESEARCHING: Two of the best research tools are www.google.com and www.itools.com. Use "Advance search" and start weeding out by excluding terms until you get the lists down to things that interest you. Want to really get into a subject of debate try, Think! at www. IntellectualLoafing.com. Some debate sites which might lend help to your thinking are linked at www.strath.ac.uk/Students/Debates/links.html

RESEARCHING, INTERNATIONAL ISSUES: Try http://www.globalknowledge.org/ or  http://www.worldbank.org/devforum/about.html

Start as newswatch site, most of them conservative opposed to liberal hometown papers like: http://www.chronwatch.com/aboutus/index.asp As we get suggestions on liberal sites opposed to conservative papers we'll post those.

“Restless and discontent are the first necessities of progress.” Thomas Edison

How do I get a Web Site Up Quickly

How do I get a web page up easily and cheaply? Try Godaddy.com or Siteground.com Expect it to cost from $100 to $200 a year and take less than a week of nights to figure out a mouse-click way to do it.  Your Internet Service Provider is probably the cheapest way for you to get a web page up. Most major ISPs provide free space for personal web pages. Check their index

Example of one ISP creation of a web page - many other Internet Service Providers are just as easy: AOL members will find it very simple to create a free "Home Page" as their web page. Go to People, click on "Create a Home Page", then click on "Create". Now, select "Create" again, and, if this is your first effort, choose "your first home page". Easy Designer will load, and you are on your way.



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