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“If you don't know where you are going, you'll end up somewhere else” Yogi Berra

The focus of this effort is changing  and improving the current political system by:

    1. Creating a citizens movement that drives for a Constitutional Convention --as a means both to threaten the current embedded political establishment into action and if Congress does not act, potentially force a convention to correct severe problems of government functioning.

  2. Gathering a committed group of media savvy "web change artists" by establishing issuewiki.us a the focal point for a fair and balanced presentation of the pros and cons of major issues facing the U.S.  Use social networking sites for propagation of the need and the answer.

    3. Using  this site newsocialcontract.org as the initial stabilizing force to initially keep the effort on track --establish  a 501 c 3 organization with a board selected from more active participants in issuewiki.us as the guiding body.

    4. Establish a national citizen's assembly, selected by sortition, to address a short list of current major national issues.  Use the database assembled for presentation to the Use this citizen's assembly to involve the press in covering these major problems and forcing Congress to address these issues.

    5.  Evolve the above into a cohesive effort that relies on enlightened citizen participation for the creation and eventual release of the political environment from money controlled special interests.

    All of these objectives go to the major objectives of:

Providing a Place for  Significant Input by  Every Citizen

     Empower individuals to make a contribution to an improved political system and enable them to find an easily locatable authority on the net for a particular issue, argument, question or Subject.

Providing a Means to Bring our Country Back to Deliberative Democracy

    The current stalemate of the two major political parties leaves no room for deliberative democracy nor a place for  a "loyal opposition". We must create a political base for the  middle road that avoids the extremes of both an unconstrained (liberal) vision and that of a constrained (conservative) vision to be hammered out.

Building an Organization Which Can Host Both State and National Level "Citizens Assemblies".

    We must build an organization accomplish two important tasks, (1) launch  constituent assemblies in each state and (2) design a better way to find presidential talent that can identify and support superior leadership candidates.. We will avoid running any candidates under a party label of the New Social Contract.

Develop Approaches Which Can identify  Superior Leadership and Thus Promote a Meritocracy

    Our current method of selecting presidential candidates forces us to to choose between the least worst candidate.  We must develop methods to change this which include highlighting of better candidates, and disruption of the current corrupted major party practices by such tactics as insuring that "none of the above" is on every ballot so we are not forced to make a choice between inferior or corrupt candidates.  

All of this will take time for...

“Perfection is attained by slow degrees; it requires the hand of time” Voltaire



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