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The Object of NSC Strategy is to mobilize a coalition which will enable ammendments to  the Constitution so that government actions will reflect solutions: 

(1) to the needs of the country at large,  
(2) that address the important issues of 
(a) Energy and environment 
(b) health 
(c) national security -- including the failure or incapacity of the UN
(d) Economy
(e) Immigration

 The Major Tactic is to Drive toward A Constitutional Convention in Each State.  It is not important that a Constitutional  Convention actually occur.  It is important that the major political parties and the Congress see the threat of action and  respond by correcting the current issues and problems of the country.  Constitutional ammendments are required  but the can be accommodated outside a Constitutional Convention.  A Constitutioonal Convention is however the only tent large enought to house the many coalitions demanding change and thus marshall a signaificant effort.

The lesser Tactics are to modify the current system are:

1. Engage change organizations and indivuals in a value neutral  presentation of the major issues similiar to that of Wikipedia.

2. Refusing to be forced to vote between two unacceptable political candidates of the major parties. 

3. Involve "change agents" attracted to the site in creation of individual Wikis, Blogs and "cloud" somputing sites with the attraction of connecting of their individual efforts to the main effort

4. Putting "none of the above" on every ballot as a major NSC  objective in countering the major parties .

5. Promote efforts like Unity08  that are activly trying to change the political system

6. As a way to bring acceptable morality to many public sectors, make development of specific industry and public service creeds, and performance standards, a function of each public entity. The object in doing this is to avoid supporting creation of more government laws for moral offenses. Where organizations refuse to develop creeds or standards we will press for public generation and acceptance of such standards.

7. Use the web and the input of each individual participant to develop a balanced database of opposing viewpoints on current political and moral issues. By basing our selection on fairly developed issue papers we will become a "trusted source" which continuously improves.

Tactics to be avoided are just as important as ones to be endorsed

1. We will avoid the historical failure of third parties by refusing to become a single-issue party that the two major parties can co-opt. We will welcome major party co-option of our issues based on the fair evaluation of alternatives.

3. We will avoid the failure of "personality" focused third party efforts by avoiding the selection of NSC candidates. We will organize to endorse outstanding people in any party, or even private citizens, but they will not be part of an NSC "party" organization. At some point we will supplement funds for identified quality candidates; however, they will not become "our" party candidates.

Funding Tactics and  Strategy

1.  The initial funding is covered by individuals  use of  "cloud computing" free sites.

2.  Funding of the Major NSC site will initially be covered by the initiator of that site and will be mainatined until  a viable structure can be  mainatined which can be transitioned to a  major Wiki with funding from grants and possibly net advertising.

Propagation of the Effort

The  primary means of expanding and  popularizing the effort will be  to use each participant's support on the social networking sites.  The ability to set-up links pointing to NSC or participate  in the fora of social networking  offers an excellent way to bring  attention to and expand our effort



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